“If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.”  –Taisen Deshimaru

Sitting in traffic yesterday, I thought about death.  Not about what it would feel like… it could feel so many different ways, and one of them I have already experienced.  No sense in worrying about that, since I will know the answer sooner than I will want to, I am sure.  No, I thought about what not existing would be like.  No more anything, no sensation, no mind, no thoughts and no one to think them or even notice their absence.  Me, winking out like a tiny flicker in a vast darkness.

All I am is what I experience, how I process, react and relate to that experience, and how other sentient beings experience me.  On a cosmic scale, my time existing and experiencing is nothing at all, and our universe is so vast and varied that it is beyond our comprehension.  It occurs to me that failure to explore and experience everything I can in my tiny amount of allotted existence is failure to live, a waste of unparalleled opportunity that I will never have again.

Here I will document the new experiences I have every day.  Every day that I live, I will make an effort to experience something new, and I will write about that.  The name, “Experientia Docet,” means “experience teaches.”  I will do my best to fully live, to learn and to share.  If opportunity comes my way, I will embrace it.  I will try to say yes.

It is my hope that when I fade into darkness, that I have appreciated the richness and fullness of life on earth… that I have lived both mindfully and well.